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Green Dinosaur Hooded Robe - Dino Dressing Gown

Green Dinosaur Hooded Robe - Dino Dressing Gown

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Perfect for chilly winter days, our comfy Green Dinosaur robe provides instant softness and warmth! Great accessory for kids out of the shower, the pool or just keep them warm around the house. We like the design too - nice and long, in deep green colour featuring adorable dinosaur head.  Kids are bound to enjoy a bit of role play once they've put their hood up!

  • Material: Cotton, Polyester
  • Fabric Type: Flannel, soft and comfortable
  • Care instructions: Avoid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleaching agents and laundry detergents containing harsh optical brightener 
  • Machine washable 

Size Info:

Size 12M: Length 41cm - Shoulder 24cm - Bust 28cm - Sleeve 21cm - Suggested height 80cm

Size 2Y: Length 42cm - Shoulder 25cm - Bust 29cm - Sleeve 23cm - Suggested height 90cm

Size 3Y: Length 52cm - Shoulder 32cm - Bust 30cm - Sleeve 31cm - Suggested height 100cm

Size 4Y: Length 56cm - Shoulder  33cm - Bust 32cm - Sleeve 34cm - Suggested height 110cm

Size 5Y: Length 58cm - Shoulder 35cm - Bust 32cm - Sleeve 34cm - Suggested height 120cm

Size XS: Length 70cm - Shoulder 36cm - Bust 36cm - Sleeve 36cm - Suggested height 1550-155cm

Size S: Length 76cm - Shoulder 43cm - Bust 37cm - Sleeve 41cm - Suggested height 150-160cm

Size M: Length 79cm - Shoulder 44cm - Bust 37cm - Sleeve 42cm - Suggested height 160-165cm

Size L: Length 88cm - Shoulder 46cm - Bust 44cm - Sleeve 48cm - Suggested height 165-170cm

Size XL: Length 98cm - Shoulder 52cm - Bust 54cm - Sleeve 54cm - Suggested height 170-175cm

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