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Marquee Letter LED Night Light

Marquee Letter LED Night Light

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Customise your child’s space with one – or more – of this freestanding letter block, an easy way to enhance any decorative display.

Crafted from ABS material, this piece takes on the shape of one of the 26 letter of the English alphabet. LED lights throughout give this piece a playful touch of illumination, while a neutral white finish makes it versatile enough to place in a variety of decor schemes.

Body Material: ABS
LED Lighting Color: Warm White
Battery Type: AA (not included)
Wattage: 0-5W
Certification: CCC, ROHS,ce, FCC

Sizes: A:22.5*20*4.5cm, B:22.5*18.5*4.5cm, C:22.5*14.5*4.5cm, D:22.5*18.5*4.5cm,         E: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm,F: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm,G: 22.5*17.5*4.5cm,H: 22.5*21*4.5cm
I: 22.5*10.5*4.5cm,J: 22.5*15.5*4.5cm,K: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm,L: 22.5*17*4.5cm
M: 22.5*23*4.5cm,N: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm,O: 22.5*15.5*4.5cm,P: 22.5*19*4.5cm
Q: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm,R: 22.5*20.5*4.5cm,S: 22.5*14*4.5cm,T: 22.5*20*4.5cm
U: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm,V: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm,W: 22.5*25*4.5cm,X: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
Y: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm,Z: 22.5*17*4.5cm

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